AEP 004 – The Priceless Pause

The value of the priceless pause and what it means to you.  And, how the Internet may be ruining our brains and hampering the ability to create, focus, and innovate in our business.


Show Notes

That phrase of “a priceless pause” really resonates because of the journey that I am currently taking both personally and in my business, that idea of how are over-connectedness, the way we shape our lives with technology and the choices we make of where we put our attention, and how that not only shapes our life, our experiences, but also our decision-making ability, how we feel, our wellbeing.

I just finished reading called What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains, called The Shallows by author Nicholas Carr.

Important points:

  • The fact that his whole book is the premise that not only is media a channel of information and supplies the things that we’re thinking about, but it also shapes the processes of how we think.
  • The Internet has impacted our ability to pay attention. Hyperlinks encourage us to dip in and out of what we’re doing.
  • Our distractions start to feel more distracting until suddenly all you are is distracted.
  • Cognitive overload impedes decision making.
  • Multitasking diminishes creativity and innovation.

Do you want to live a life of scanning or do you actually want to live a little bit more deeply?

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