AEP 006 – Taming Monkey Mind with Physical Activity

Today I cannot wait to talk to you about one of my favorite topics, and perhaps most vexing nemesis of all time, and that’s monkey mind. Taming Monkey Mind with Physical Activity

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If you’re not familiar with the term, monkey mind is that mind chatter, that chaos of thoughts that happen when we start spinning round and round, or we’re listening to the voice of fear, we’re maybe hearing the voices of people from our past who told us: You won’t amount to anything. You can’t possibly do that. Who do you think you are? Be careful, that’s very dangerous. Well, if you can picture monkeys swinging chaotically through the trees, that’s what it’s sometimes like in my mind.

How about in yours?

It can really get you down. You can lose endless hours of productivity when the monkeys are swinging through the trees. It takes a toll, not just on your productivity and what you’re willing to do, actions you’re willing to take, risks you’re willing to take, ways you’re willing to become vulnerable in your business, but it takes a toll physically, and on your wellbeing, and certainly on your mental health.

That’s when you need to get out and MOVE.

Exhausting yourself physically clears your mind. It turns off the monkey mind because there’s basically no bandwidth left for that meaningless worry.


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