AEP 008 – Building in Recovery Time

Building in Recovery Time as a Self-Employed Business Owner

What’s a busy business owner to do?  Travel, speaking engagements, client commitments… it can feel overwhelming and exhausting. In today’s episode we talk about the secret to staying well, keeping your edge, and creating breathing space.

Show Notes

In this show you will learn how to beat the stress of managing:

  • Travel
  • A busy schedule
  • The challenges of organizing your day
  • Never getting around to follow up after attending events/speaking to a group

Athletes de-train and schedule rest and you need to also.  Benefits of building in recovery time empower you to:

  • Create balance
  • Reduce burnout and exhaustion (thus keeping your edge and having better health)
  • Prepare you for greater intensities (future challenges and upleveling your business)

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Download the transcript

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