AEP 012 – When You Have More Clients Than You Can Handle

what to do when you have more clients than you can handle

What happens when you suddenly get an influx of clients and it feels like more than you can handle?  Listen in as I share what I did with a big growth spurt during my biggest income year ever (yes, even larger than my corporate income) in my business in 2015.

Show Notes

In 2015 I met a new milestone. After 8-1/2 years full time in my business I surpassed my highest Corporate earnings year and my biggest income year ever in my business.  That is what went really right.  However I hit a point where my strategy of saying YES led me to a moment of having more clients than I could handle. So what did I do? What did that feel like?

Listen in to hear about my short-term strategies and long-term suggestions for managing this type of growth.

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