AEP 026 -The Ten Percent Factor

The Ten Percent Factor Will Transform Your Business

Forget the quantum leap. Use the ten percent factor to create 100 degree shifts in a short period of time.

Show Notes

  • Quantum leaps are more rare, risky, and not repeatable (and frankly even they are able to happen only because of a prior series of ten percent shifts)
  • Ten 10% shifts will give you a 100% change in less than ten iterations (meaning grow by 10% every month and in less than 10 months you’ve made a 100 degree shift)
  • Focus each daily action on incremental change
  • Compounding “interest” on your efforts will yield big results
  • It’s methodical, repeatable, and sustainable
  • Use a tool to stay on track (ex: Want to increase your profits? Use this.)


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