AEP-019 Digital Addiction & Entrepreneurs


Does being without your phone make you anxious?  Are you trying to keep up with the vast volume and velocity of information thrown at you each day?

If so, the digital age just might be damaging your discernment and covertly undermining your best efforts for success.  Listen in to find out why.

Show Notes

In today’s episode I use insights from the book Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age by Sherry Turkle as a jumping off point for exploring how our ways of using technology to grow our business may be the very thing impeding its success. In this episode I discuss:

  • The power of solitude, the impact of not having it on your discernment and business choices
  • The nature of apps being designed to keep you on apps (in a never-ending cycle)
  • Why time alone without your phone causes anxiety
  • The origin of sudden illumination (and those bright ideas)
  • Why entrepreneurs need to give their inner world a chance (it’s the very differentiation you’re looking for)
  • Maximizers vs. Satisficers
  • What people REALLY do during meetings (and how that impacts your webinars, live events, and teleclasses)


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