Are You Due For A Life Alignment Checkup?


Do you feel like you’re riding along on half-flat and misaligned wheels?

Feel like your days are a never-ending stream of bumps and potholes?

If your car were feeling like this when you drove it, wouldn’t you take it in for a checkup?Life Wheel

Yet, for some reason we all hesitate to stop and take a look under the hood and behind the wheels when it has something to do with us or our lives. We think ignorance is bliss. I know I certainly resist slowing down to take a peek.

You, too?

We know deep down that the occasional checkup, especially when the car feels “off” not only results in a smoother ride but also saves us time, money, and keeps us healthier in the long run. It may cost a few dollars and moments of our time, but you feel it’s worth it when you’re driving down the highway at 70mph and have peace of mind.

Let’s face it, if your life is anything like mine it feels like you’re moving along at warp speed as you navigate your days filled with obligations — career, relationships, family, personal needs, and demands at every turn. Who has time to slow down — yet alone — stop?

I felt that way.

Then I would just stop (often being forced to stop because after so much “pushing” my body would just break down and I’d find myself in illness or disease).

Suddenly it became clear.

What I was trying to do was insane.

Not only was I trying to cram 10lbs of poop into a 5lb bag but I had no clue if I was shoving the right stuff in the right bag or I even wanted or needed to be doing it at all.

Our lives are more than just a one trick pony. There are lots of factors at play and all these factors make up the foundation (the wheel) of your life.

Have you ever felt guilty because you couldn’t spend time with a loved one because you had to work?

Ever missed an opportunity, event, or trip you so wanted to attend because you were bogged down with other obligations?

Feel like no matter what you do you’re shortchanging someone in the process?

If so, you need to pull over and take a pit stop. Take a peek under the hood.


Join me on Wednesday, October 24th at 6p EST and explore the wheel of your life. Learn how to take stock of how your wheel is rolling now and how you can make it run true and smooth with one simple tool.


See you there!

Class is over, but if you’d like to hear the recording, just contact me.

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