Career Reinvention – Paula G on Yahoo! Shine

This year at BlogHer ’10 in New York City, Yahoo! Shine was one of the exhibitors.  As part of their You. Reinvented. series I had the opportunity to sit down and be interviewed about my own career reinvention story and the work that I do as a Life Alchemy™ Success Coach. Since I help others reinvent their lives and careers (often starting their own businesses in many instances) I was thrilled to have the opportunity to share my expertise.  Here I am!

Let me know what you think… and share your own reinvention stories and reinvention desires in the comments.


  1. Fantastic interview Paula. Loved it! Thank you for sharing. Very articulate and authentic.

  2. That is a great interview!

    My own way of getting to the "new me" involved getting really sick and tired of the "old me". I was more reactive than proactive.

    If only I had known Paula back then!

  3. Ha! "You can't get rid of yourself." Great line:)



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