Where Do I Begin My Website Project?

Internet Marketing StrategyI recently ran a survey asking “What is the biggest question about making more money with your website?” I received a lot of super questions and I will be covering as many as I can in upcoming blog posts as well as in the Free Webinar: 5 Common Websites Mistakes You Must Avoid.

I received two categories of questions that were different takes on the same theme. They were:

  • I need a website (or need to redesign my existing website) and where do I begin?
  • I just got a website, now what?

Both questions can be answered with the same strategy I will lay out before you. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that you should really answer these questions before you create a website.  In traditional web development the requirements and design phase account for the majority of time and effort over the course of a project (it’s not the actual coding or construction as you might think).

If done correctly it sets apart the truly successful project from the not as successful project (or outright failures).  This holds true whether you are doing a solo business website or a million dollar corporate web application (I have personally worked extensively on both).  The difference is in scope, expense, and effort, not in the actual steps followed.

If you have already built something, don’t fret. It happens to the great majority of businesses. These questions will help you make the most of the investment you’ve already made.

Answer the following questions to know exactly where to begin or what to do next:

    • What is my overall goal of the site?


    • Who are my ideal visitors? Does the site speak directly to them (vs just talk about me)?


    • Is the site easily usable by my ideal visitors?


    • How will I measure the success of my online efforts?


    • What specific ways will I use my site for marketing?  (Email marketing, lead generation, blogging, client areas, selling products, selling services, etc.)


    • In what ways will I leverage the website in my overall online marketing strategy? (integrating with social media, SEO, advertising, etc.)


    • What is working about my existing site?


    • What is not working about my existing site?


    • What do I like about my existing site?


    • What do I not like about my existing site?


    • Who do I need on my team, what help do I need to make this most successful?  Where are my skills, knowledge, or implementation efforts in need of augmentation?


These are just a few questions to get you started in thinking more strategically about your site.  Answered thoughtfully they will kickstart your success in a way that surpasses most businesses.

If you found this article useful, you can get more where that came from!

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