The L Word Season 5 Finale: The Coach’s Perspective

Hard to believe another season of The L Word has come and gone. I can still remember the Season 1 Finale when friends and I made these crazy season ending game boards where we created a chart look alike with possible plot lines. We even had a game piece spinner type thing my partner made with all the characters glued on it — we were spinning it and wondering who might die in the finale (too many soap operas as a child I guess). Anyway it was fun times, and this year while much quieter viewing for us at home, was no less exciting. Having ensured our Easter guests would have an early exodus, we were poised and ready. Perhaps the only thing sadder than this finale will be next year’s series finale where any cliff hangers will literally leave you hanging for good.

We knew Jodi’s artist in residence piece was coming, but who knew it would be so bad in so many ways? She’s an amazing sculptor, so why in goodness name did she do a massive digital video piece? It was clearly more of a vindictive display than anything else, at least from the small snippet we saw on the show. Not to mention, last I looked when I was in photography school, any public displays of someone’s likeness requires a written model release. My guess is there certainly wasn’t one here! While the piece certainly had an impact, I was disappointed. Jodi is such a better artist and bigger person than that. While she is a fiery and angry woman who is willing to break all the rules in the name of artistic expression, I thought she could have done something a bit more inspiring to express her deep anguish and anger at the end of this relationship and Bette’s infidelity.

That being said, the coaching moment for me came after the unveiling. In the tender scene by the pool where Tina consoles Bette, she advises her to just let it go. That is fine advice because that is all Bette can do (unless of course she wants to sue Jodi for the piece which quite frankly will bring her no more resolution or peace). The lesson here is that people always act in their own interest and from their own perspective. Another person’s reaction to or towards us usually has very little to do with us. It has to do with them. While it often gives us insight into something we can learn personally; it is their stuff. In this case, the “core values” art piece is just that – Jodi’s expression of her emotional “stuff”. I’m not saying that this guiding principle of people acting in their own interest abdicates us of personal responsibility and responding to what life brings our way. What I am saying is that beating ourselves up and carrying the pain of someone else’s actions around in our life doesn’t serve us [Read more…]

The L Word Season 5 Episode 11:The Coach’s Perspective

You can tell we’re bumping up against the season finale when everything starts happening at once on The L Word. An on the edge of your seat trip, episode 11 “Lunar Cycle” was one not to be missed. By now, most people have learned the good and bad news. The L Word will be back for a sixth season next year (8 episodes), but it will be the final season. It is extremely sad as we’ve come to love this family of women, yet in a way I have to applaud the team that they are choosing to bring closure to the series while it is still at its peak. There’s nothing worse than a series that is wonderful and then slowly declines into mediocre before taking a half-hearted bow.

This week we see firsthand the fallout between Jodi and Bette. Quite an amazing set of scenes that really make evident Jodi’s heartbreak and desire to fight for her relationship and Bette’s change of heart. It is clear Bette feels love for Jodi but is no longer in love with her.The spark, passion, and intensity is uniquely Jodi and while it certainly brings closure to the relationship, it is sad nonetheless.

To me this whole episode was about the subtle and not so subtle ways we engage in self-sabotage. First off, the return of the past with Denbo busting in The L Word - Kitto proclaim that Ivan sold her 51% of The Planet. Now I realize a general partnership is about the worst kind of business structure you could use, but doesn’t Kit have to be involved in some way in this transaction? Doesn’t Ivan at least have a fiduciary duty to inform her business partner of the sale? I am no lawyer, but something seems fishy all around with this situation. This scene illustrates self-sabotage #1 which I would assert is Kit’s perceived lack of due diligence when she got into the arrangement to buy The Planet with Ivan. We all know how insecure and desperate Kit is (her vulnerability always speaking loudly in the face of her ongoing battle with addiction) and I believe that came into play in the initial transaction and certainly shows up later in this episode. Before I get to that, however, let’s talk about Jenny. [Read more…]

The L Word Season 5 Episode 10: The Coach’s Perspective

What more could a girl want — an episode of The L Word and a bike charity ride rolled into one. I’d just like to know when these gals actually trained and how anyone could be the least bit energetic or romantic by the time they got to the campfire. I’ve spent that many hours in the saddle and I for one just crave a warm bed and sleep after all that (not to mention, saddle sores, not romantic). It was very cool to see everyone together and even more powerful to have everyone remembering Dana and others who have fought breast cancer. You could feel the power of the moment even for the new characters who didn’t know Dana personally.

The contrasts in this episode were palatable. The lightness and fun of doing the ride, being together, and camping with the seriousness of the cause for which they were riding. The playfulness of smores by the campfire and schoolgirl games with the bomb dropping that ensued. The perspective that rang truest for me this week though was that we can never really know what is going on in someone else’s life. We can never truly know another person. [Read more…]

The L Word Season 5 Episode 9: The Coach’s Perspective

I don’t know if it is just me but I find the emotion heating up more and more as the season progresses. More passion (in the bedroom and elsewhere) and more twists that just leave me with the knowing that it just ain’t going to be pretty if/when Bette finally comes clean with Jodi. Jodi is a powerful and emotional woman and Marlee Matlin is one of the few actresses around that can match the passion needed to play this character.

Before I jump into the meat of my comments, I just have to say who doesn’t want a little of what Bette displayed as she negotiated the lunatics from She Bar into a somewhat reasonable compromise? Her inner power, savvy, and direct communication in a highly charged situation was just poetry in motion. I won’t even get into my coaches perspective on Denbo and company because I would send them directly to therapy. Their characters are just an exaggerated display of what a mess people can make of their lives and the lives of others when they are so uncomfortable with who they are on the inside that they create such a facade of power. All that money and perceived power is a big ole fat illusion and I feel sorry for them living lives so superficial they feel the need to wreck havoc on others. But hey if nothing else it was a great scene in which to watch Bette’s business savvy shine!

Life’s lessons can show up anytime, anywhere and in this episode they were most loud and clear in a sweltering and stuck elevator. [Read more…]

The L Word Season 5 Episode 8: The Coach’s Perspective

At least one major storyline got wrapped up (at least partially) this week with an unexpected twist and turn. While the rest of the ladies were creating tangled relationship plotlines, Tasha and Alice were having some big life defining moments.

Tasha’s trial for conduct unbecoming a soldier started in full force. Everyone dressed to the nines in full military dress uniforms and prosecuting counsel Colonel Davis (played by Kelly McGillis) Colonel Jillian Davis played by Kelly McGillisis loaded for bear. With Alice being called as the prosecutions’ main witness, you just had to know things were going to get intense and a bit out of the tight control of those in command.

First I have to say I just about spit out my tea as I listened closely to the language used as trial was brought into session, specifically “court is not bound by the rules of formal evidence”. Gotta love that. In the military we make our own rules and then make up how we conduct the The L Word - Tashajustice process as well. So much for due process. As the Church Lady on Saturday Night Live used to say “Now, isn’t that CONVENIENT?” All I know is that with each passing episode’s glance behind the military veil I get just that much more compassion for our LGBT brothers and sisters who have served or are serving our country. It is like the additional “something extra” burden all gays and lesbians face in the workplace and society plus a little something more because of the inherent design and infrastructure of the highly hierarchical (and hypocritical) armed services.

From day one we knew something was “off” with Col. Davis. People who are fully comfortable with themselves are just not that uptight and righteous. In this episode we catch her stealing glances at the ladies in the gym and locker room. Straight women just don’t look and linger like that when checking out another woman. And, true to form, Alice catches Davis’ subtle glances. Remember this is the same Alice who taught Dana about gaydar in Season 1.

To cut to the chase, Alice calls Davis on her sexuality while on the stand. Totally blows the place out of the water as she speaks her truth and wonders aloud how you can condemn someone, a decorated and dedicated soldier, for simply having lesbian friends. All hell breaks loose as Davis calls a recess to have her witness “compose herself” and then bargains with Alice. Threatened by her own vulnerability Davis tells Alice to inform Tasha that if she sticks with her “I’ve been setup” story the charges will be dropped. How’s that for an about face? I have to say I was personally surprised by the turn of events. I mean I knew Alice couldn’t sit there and lie, but my what a powerful display of how fear can turn an alpha dog (Davis) into a quick about face. [Read more…]

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