Empower Yourself with Habitat for Humanity

I recently had the pleasure of attending some Habitat for Humanity Women Build seminars. YesHabitat Women Build indeed I was drunk with power learning how to safely use a circular saw as you can see here…

Tomorrow I am doing my first full day of building on site. Kim (my partner) is doing it too. I’ll let you know how that goes.

What struck me about the learning sessions were:

  • What an awesome group of women
  • What could be more empowering than learning how a house is built and knowing that you have the knowledge to apply to your own living situation?
  • You get to have a lot of fun
  • Ultimately you give back to a great cause

Where might you be able to stretch the limits of your comfort zone and try something new? What would get you really jazzed about giving back to others in need? To me tomorrow will be a great stress buster and empowering experience. I can’t wait.

So I am looking forward to tomorrow…wish me luck… I’ll let you know what I learn about myself and working in a team in the process.

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