100th Post Celebration

I’ve been watching the post counter creep upward lately and am excited to celebrate this Friday by saying…welcome to my 100th post at Coaching for Lesbians!

When I started this blog back in January, I wondered what I would write about week in and week out and feared my ideas and creativity would fizzle after a few months. After all, what writer doesn’t get self-critical and wonder that?? Well, I’m pleased to say I’m going strong and only wish I could get to all the scribble notes I have of topics I’m dying to post about.

Another reason I wanted to celebrate the 100th post is like most other superachieving women, I tend to forge forward without stopping to really acknowledge the milestones along the way. If you’ve even been goal driven with big plans for the future, you might relate. The “A” on a test meant nothing because your sights were set on an “A” for the class. The “A” in the class didn’t matter because you were concerned about your GPA for the semester, and so on. Suddenly one day you wake up and wonder – did I accomplish anything at all? When, in fact, a trail of successes is yours but you never took the time to say – “hurray for me!” and drink in a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction.

Let’s face it, we always have dreams and plans for the future and it will be here soon enough. In the meanwhile, remember to not only stop and smell the roses but celebrate yourself. You deserve it!

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