12 Days of Coachmas

This year Planet Teleclass has a new promo called the 12 Days of Coachmas running. What it is is a take on the 12 days of Christmas. If you sign up for the promo, you’ll receive great stuff from coaches (I am included!!) each day for 12 days.

Unlike other mass giveaways, the good folks at Planet Teleclass literally look at each offering and put it all together by hand. That way YOU can be sure you’re getting quality stuff and not some freebies that aren’t even worth the price you pay (and since the price you pay is $0, you know what I mean!)

Here’s how it works in the words of the good folks at Planet Teleclass:

I will be sending you a special ’12 Days of Coachmas’ message every day starting December 14th, letting you know where you can pickup your great gifts. On the first day you get a few gifts, on the second day you get a few more gifts, and so on…just like the song. The promo will end on December 25th, Christmas day! What a great way to celebrate the holiday season by getting all these gifts from great coaches.

So, why not check it out & get some great goodies (including great stuff from yours truly). Sign up at their website.

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