A New Facelift

Today I gave the blog a new facelift. Well, actually I’ve been lifting its face for a while now, it is just that I released it for all the world to see today. The main components and look & feel are the same, I simply expanded the formatting so that I could bring you more resources and information in the sidebars without making you scroll for all of eternity or squishing the meat of the content (in the center). I always hate blog designs that put so much “stuff” on the screen that the heart of the matter — the actual articles — get lost in the chaos.

I hope to work out any glitches that pop up shortly, but so far I am not spotting any. As always… I appreciate any feedback you might have. Feel free to weigh in and leave your $.02 in the comments or send me an email.

Now…back to our regularly scheduled programming 😉

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