Carnival of the Vanities at Lil’ Duck Duck

Another great carnival is up today over at Lil’ Duck Duck. Given my current flooding conditions, my home office is only fit for a duck. How coincidental. Although I must say, watching the news all around me, despite how upset I am about my flooding and the money I will have to spend to rectify the situation, it sure beats the raging flooding rivers nearby where entire houses are being submerged. Call me crazy, but surely this insane weather we keep having has to be linked in some way, shape, or form to the way we are abusing the environment and global warming in general. I’m no environmentalist, and I didn’t sleep in a Holiday Inn, but….

Looks like there are a number of great posts and this week’s host did a good job of fitting in her duck theme introducing all the posts.

Happy reading….


  1. Thanks for the link! Sorry about the flooding, hope it stops soon!

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