Echelon Magazine Features The Paula G. Company, Queercents, and Coaching for Lesbians

Just want to take a few moments to toot the horn of Echelon Magazine Features Paula Gregorowicz Contributing WriterEchelon Magazine and some of their recent features that may be of interest to you. First and foremost, they have redesigned their website to have more Web 2.0 features. With that comes an emerging resource for Small Businesses and I am honored to have a profile on their site. If you or someone you know has a great business or career resource for the LGBT community, do let the folks at Echelon know.

I also wanted to give a shout out for their latest print magazine issue. I am thrilled to be a Contributing Writer in the March/April 2008 issue. I write about “What is important to you about money and business?”. I always love when I write something months in advance and then see it in print. Not only is it exciting from a purely self-satisfying motive, but when I re-read what I wrote I am able to better see the gems. In the article I say:

“The surest path to wealth lies inside ourselves. Who we are being as we go about our business activities has more to do with the quality of our lives and our ability to attract what we desire than any other how-to strategy out there.”

How true that is! If you’re constantly searching for something else – out there somewhere – in order to find happiness you will be searching (unsuccessfully) forever. Wealth starts from the inside out AND it can include as little or as much money as you desire.

You can learn more about how to subscribe at their website.

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