Equal Pay Day is Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sad truth is that even in this day and age, women and people of color earn less than their male counterparts. It is estimated that over the course of her career, a woman will pass up approximately $1 million dollars compared to a similar situated male colleague because of her reluctance to negotiate for higher salary or set her fees higher.

The National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) sets aside a day each April (that is today this year) as a day to bring awareness to this fact. On their website they state this distressing statistic:

The median earnings of women working full-time year-round was 77% of men’s median earnings last year, the same as the wage gap in 2002. But this narrowing of the wage gap from 76% last year was achieved only because men’s earnings fell more than women’s during that time.

So much for equal pay for equal work…but are we part to blame? What can we as individual women do to close that gap?

Well, while I am certainly not one to read Glamour magazine. In fact, I MAYBE picked it up once as a teen while I was certain that’s what I need to do to “fit in” (LOL!!! oh, naive young mind). There is, however, a great article in the recent issue called “Want a Raise?” and it includes a four page feature on Women For Hire CEO Tory Johnson’s advice on getting what you deserve.

Be sure to click on each page to read the article in its entirety. Some excellent tips and real-world examples of asking for, and getting paid what you’re worth.

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