Free Teleclass – Part 2: The Secret Behind “The Secret”

Last month’s call was energizing, inspiring, and full of great insights from all the great folks on the line and those who listened to the recording and shared their thoughts with me via e-mail. Due to popular request, in August we’re going to do it again as a Part 2 to the discussion of the law of attraction.

Do you feel like some of the folks that shared their stories with me? Do you sometimes:

  • wonder why some things in your life don’t work despite all this positive thinking
  • feel like the whole law of attraction thing is just a bunch of “B-S”
  • stuff and stifle your true feelings because you’re afraid to feel them because “what you give out is what you get back” according to the law and you don’t want
    that directed back at you?
  • feel like you’ve been doing “all the right things” but still find yourself attracting sour grapes?

Let’s face it, the law of attraction sounds simple in the movie. You ask, the universe answers, and you open to receiving it. “Easy Breezy” as my coach would Attraction Magnet
say. Yet, at least in my personal experience it may be “simple” (as most great teachings are) but it is not necessarily “easy”. At least not at first or not in the challenging areas of my life.

Didn’t make the first class? Not to worry! I will be sending the recording of Part 1 to everyone who signs up for Part 2 so you can listen to it and get charged up for this call.

So, sign up today and bring your questions and challenges to the call. It’ll be highly interactive
and I’m happy to do some spot coaching with anyone who would like some. If you can’t make the call live or are just plain shy, feel free to e-mail me your questions beforehand at [email protected] and I’ll address them on the call. (Please put
“Teleclass Questions” in the subject line so your e-mail doesn’t get lost)

Want to charge up your ability to be an attraction magnet? Tired of the same “Don’t Wants” repeating themselves in your life? Then join me for my FREE teleclass on Part 2 – The Secret Behind “The Secret”:

When? Tuesday, August 14th at 6p EST (for 1 hour)

Where? Anywhere you are via telephone

To Register: e-mail [email protected]

Can’t Make it? Don’t worry, the call will be recorded and sent to all registered participants so you can listen in even if you can’t make it live.

What are you waiting for? Attract some great stuff right now by registering for the call at
[email protected].

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