Free Teleclass: True Masters Adopt a Beginner’s Mind

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities. In the
expert’s mind there are few.”
— Shunryu Suzuki

The concept of “Beginner’s Mind” has been around for ages. Yet, as people dying to be seen as “expert” and “adult” we often resist letting go of the need to know everything. After all, we have careers where we are paid based on our expertise. If we are parents we are expected to be experts on raising children and answering all their questions. The list of ways we need to be “in the know” in our lives just goes on and on…

Once we reach adulthood we are supposed to be “adults” and that means having answers and being responsible and realistic. We are afraid of our own vulnerability that comes with saying the 3 powerful words “I don’t know”. Yet, it is these three words and our willingness to be beginners that paves the path to true mastery of ourselves and our lives.

Is the very resistance you feel toward “not knowing” or being a beginner keeping you from having the freedom and ease you most desire?

I am intimately familiar with this resistance and how to break its hold. I used to be so stressed out and had a high need to be perfect and never make a mistake. I would agonize over every little thing and hold myself back from trying new things I yearned to do because I feared not being good enough. I’ve learned how to not only be OK with being a beginner (and messing up in fact) but also how to really enjoy seeing or doing something in a totally new way. The liberation is amazing.

Curious how you can do that too?

Join me on this highly interactive call where I’ll lead you through an exploration of “Beginner’s Mind”, talk about what it can do for you, and answer your questions. I truly want to share this liberation with you.


When? Tuesday, September 25th at 12p EST (noon)

Where? Anywhere via telephone

How long? 1 hour

Register: Send a blank email to [email protected]
or visit

The call WILL be recorded, so if you can’t make it live sign up anyway so you don’t miss out.

Hope to “see” you there!


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