Live Your Peace from the Inside Out

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ruth Ann Wood of Scripting for Success as part of her Live Your Peace project.    You can check out the six minute intro of the film by the same name on her website.  The project is part of the creation of a global conversation on peace achieved through self improvement, stress reduction, art, music, teaching, learning playing.  She is interviewing numerous folks of which I am excited to be one of them.

Our conversation centered on the role being confident and comfortable in your own skin plays in living your peace in the world.  How this inner game and inner work may be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to creating a more peaceful world for all of us to live in.  If you cannot be at peace within yourself — your choices personally and professionally and how you show up in the world, it is pretty darn hard to spread peace to others through your relationships and your work in the world.  You can’t be at war within yourself, put on a happy face, and then profess peace to the external world.  It’s simply inauthentic, incongruent, and well, doesn’t work!.

So, listen in on our 30 minute conversation and let me know what resonates with you by adding a comment below.


  1. Paula,

    Thanks so much! There are so many gems in your ezines, blogs, live talks, products and services helping women especially "Live Your Peace" by being comfortable in your own skin. With that said, I knew I had to reach out to you and delve deeper into your secret sauce. I'm so glad you took the time to pull back the curtain to reveal how you help your clients live more authentic, passion filled lives. You even changed my mind set on my service to the world. If your powerful guidance doesn't spread peace to thy self, family, career and community, I don't know what does!! Keep doing what your doing. 🙂
    .-= Ruth Anne Wood, Director of Live Your Peace´s last blog ..Max Freedman =-.

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