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People keep asking me, “What do you think of the movie The Secret ? Usually they ask because they want a chance to share what they thought of the viral, mega-hit Law of Attraction put to the small screen via DVD movie that has been talked about everywhere recently. I find most people I talk to are a lot like I was when I first saw it…

  • inspired
  • enlightened
  • questioning
  • curious
  • doubtful on some level
  • wanting to know more
  • conflicted on a few points
  • confused why some things in their life don’t work despite all this positive thinking
  • wondering where to turn to learn more or apply it to their life

Let’s face it, the movie is great but there is a lot of talk about big, fast, expensive red sports cars and big houses. Does that mean this law is the new secret to a life full of material goods? Not really, but it does make for great viewing and the law of attraction can and does apply to material things too so it is relevant.

What about all this talk about creating, attracting, and healing major illnesses? Does this mean that my dear loved one attracted his/her cancer or death? The law of attraction is not meant to be a tool to beat yourself up and feel awful. Not to mention it is only ONE tool in having a great life, not the ONLY tool.

If all this talk about positive talk and feelings has you so stressed out trying to monitor your every thought lest you attract disaster on yourself, your loved ones, or the planet, take a deep breath and relax! In this class I’ll cut through the hype and get to the chase of what you really need to focus on in order to invoke and use the tools and techniques they talk about in The Secret. AND, I’ll let you in on another secret that they didn’t talk about in the movie. The one that holds the clues to why you still struggle with manifesting what you want. The one that holds the freedom for having a great life RIGHT NOW as you allow yourself to attract even better stuff in the future.

Want to know more? Then join me for my FREE teleclass on “The Secret Behind The Secret“:

When? Tuesday, July 17th at 6p EST (for 1 hour)

Where? Anywhere you are via telephone

To Register: e-mail [email protected]

Can’t Make it? Don’t worry, the call will be recorded and sent to all registered participants so you can listen in even if you can’t make it live.

What are you waiting for? Attract some great stuff right now by registering for the call at [email protected].

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  1. Frederic says:

    Hm, too bad I'm too late, funny that I wondered why "Lesbians" need any more coaching than other sexual orientations, weird that there is no food in above article (compared to the DVD in question with said title..
    Go take a watch, never anyone said that you'd have to monitor your every thought, and nowhere are problems more apparent than where you don't recognize you have them.
    Watch out for only the good things and know the less than positive things for what they are: Part of your vibration (or in less "esoteric" looking word: They are part of your world because they are part of what you learned and continually learn to perceive your world to be.. no more, no less).

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for your comment. I wouldn't say that any one group "needs" more coaching than anyone else. Simply that everyone deserves to have a community and resource bank to tap into that speaks directly to who they are. In this case, lesbians.

    You are correct — when you don't recognize your thoughts or feelings they are still operating out there and affecting what you do/don't attract so they can be even more problematic than those we recognize.

  3. Frederic says:

    Oh, I didn't actually mean it that bad, but more tongue-in-cheek 🙂

    About the thoughts there could be something happening out there which is something I don't want (even though I don't know about it).. It's no biggie since something doesn't exist in MY reality if I don't even have a hunch it's there. 😉
    After all, my reality is exactly that: MY (and only my) reality.. i.e. everything I actually perceive is MY reality. Or more accurate: Not just what I perceive, but how i perceive it to be is MY reality. Everything else.. isn't part of my reality. No need to fret about this (after all, I don't even know it is out there).

    All it took for me is paying attention to go for the good feeling direction and make it my MAIN goal in everyday life and life in general. Anything else followed up from this single intention and even though it was pretty difficult for the first week or two (to get back to my good feeling place since _I_ created everything in _MY_ reality) it really was and is worth it. And besides, manifestations of any kind are becoming so easy (and fast) and FUN to do 🙂

    All is truly well, Frederic 🙂

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