How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

fireworks.jpgA few months back I was reading the local community paper and happened to scanned the obituaries. What caught my eye was a photo of a vibrant older woman and the short obit beneath her name. Let’s call her Doris for the purpose of this post.

It said:

“A memorial service for Doris is set for_____ at ___. Wine, cheese, and fireworks to follow. If anyone would like to speak, sing, or cakewalk, please call the number below.

If you can’t join us, make a toast and know she sure had a good time.”

I remember reading this and thinking … now THAT is the way to be remembered and the way to celebrate a life well lived. It was full of lightness, humor, and love. Surely someone who lived life with great intention and few regrets. And, someone who built a great community of loved ones around her.

I thought…when my days are over can the same be said about me? Not sure, but I certainly know I love the spirit of the celebration and memorial mentioned in this obit. How about you? Are you having a good time? Is the way you’ve chosen to live in your life worthy of fireworks?

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