Inspiring Image – Equinox Flowers

Recently while I was at a fall equinox celebration at one of my favorite places, Columcille, I noticed these beautiful flowers just beaming in the sunlight. There was something vibrant and alive about them in the sunshine and swaying in the breeze.  With the stone bell tower as a backdrop it really called to me.

This image and that moment remind me of how important it is to pause and notice. You see in the past I would never bother to notice something like this. I was onto something. Busy achieving, getting stuff done, rolling through the to-do list, or generally being impatient because I felt I wasn’t accomplishing something.  Yet what I know for sure now is that we all need to stop and notice.  Notice your surroundings.  Hear the messages coming to you that will add clarity to any business or life challenges you are experiencing.  To just be alive now.  You see you don’t necessarily have to pause for long to reap the joy and benefits. Sometimes it only takes a few seconds.

Flowers at Columcille - A Time to Pause

Surely you have a few seconds or a few minutes to spare to be fully alive and tap into your greatest joys and dreams, don’t you?  If you find yourself resisting the need/desire to pause, or just feel afraid something bad will happen if you do, check out my free ecourse…it’ll zap that fear and give you access to greater compassion for yourself and others.

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