Michelle Pfeiffer on Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin

I love finding people talking about being comfortable in their own skin both online and off. Most recently I stumbled across some thoughts on the matter by Michelle Pfeiffer from the sites Michelle Pheiffer, The Face and OMG. While I am not much of a follower of celebrities, we all know that when celebrities have something to say people tend to lean in and listen a little closer. Not to mention many (not all of course) celebrities are simply successful people who happened to be successful in a field that gave them celebrity status. After all we all know celebrities from our own little niches of interest that no one else would have even heard of.

So, here’s what Michelle had to say about it in InStyle Magazine:

“I’m not saying I’m sexier to other people. But part of feeling sexy is feeling comfortable in your own skin, and less inhibited, and that goes along with getting older. Feeling more confident, dropping a lot of the BS.”

I have to say, though, that you don’t have to wait until you’re some magical age before feeling comfortable in your own skin. Heavens that would just set people up for more waiting until some “someday” or external circumstance to happen before feeling confident on the inside. So I disagree with it just being a part of getting older. There’s far more to it than that. I know plenty of “older” people who aren’t even close to feeling comfortable in their own skin. What I do agree with though is that confidence and dropping the BS is part of the recipe for success… When I work with clients we spend a lot of time building confidence and cutting through the crap to get at the real source of the matter.

In the past I would catch these little snippets from the news and just collect them…I finally decided I was insane — it was time to start sharing them on the blog. Great food for thought for all and isn’t it always fun to see what others are saying? Stay tuned for future news flashes when I find these snippets.

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