Interview with Danielle LaPorte: Author, The Fire Starter Sessions

Danielle LaPorteI can count on one hand the number of books that have actually blown me away in my time.  The new bestselling book The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide for Creating Success on Your Own Terms from Danielle LaPorte knocked me off my feet and set my soul ablaze.  Those of you who read me regularly know I’m not quick to hyperbole which is why when I say this I really mean it!

In the interest of full disclosure it’s worth noting that I did receive a review copy of the book from the publisher. That said, I already had it on pre-order and was itching for the release date, so you can nix any bias there. This little unexpected gift simply allowed me to devour the thing early (and run up the driveway skipping like a child).  And, devour I did… like a feast full of the finest Cabernet, I savored every word and did every last exercise because it was THAT compelling. Let’s remember I ask these kinds of questions for a living, many of the ideas weren’t “new” news to me. Yet Danielle’s voice, presence, and ability to inspire action is so powerful you can’t help but shift and up your game.

It’s more than a book, it’s a work of art, an experience, a movement. I consider this work to be spiritual balm.  When you need an infusion of spirit, something to stir the soul, and some practical action to get you moving, you’ll find it here.  Every piece of the package is woven into a tapestry. From the book layout to design to phrasing, it’s all there holding all your senses captive. It’s the kind of book you want in multiple formats.  (Yes, I did have to buy the audiobook as well for some on-the-go spiritual balm, remember?) Imagine combining  a passionate poet, a rebel, Buddha, great graphic design, a savvy businesswoman, a loving human being, a dear friend, and someone to kick your ass, and you’d start to get the portrait of this work.

I’m truly grateful to have had the opportunity to sit down with Danielle across the miles for a phone interview. She was utterly gracious to spend some time with me during the whirlwind of her book release and upcoming tour.  All I can say is a resounding Namaste Danielle!

So scroll down and listen in to our recent conversation full of compelling questions. We get down to the core of things like following your passions, what makes you come alive, and being a catalyst in the world.
(running time approx 20minutes).

Here’s how you can get more of Danielle LaPorte’s work and a little mojo infusion:

The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte


Visit her digital temple at

Get a peek inside the book with a free download of the first chapter

Follow her on Twitter @DanielleLaPorte

By all means, soak up the videos on YouTube

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