Podcast with Kisha Mays of Just Fearless LLC

Kisha MaysIn this  episode of the confident and comfortable in your own skin podcast I interview Kisha Mays, Founder and CEO of Just Fearless, LLC.    Kisha is currently working with her team on the Women Empowering Women (WEW) International Tour which is changing women’s lives one city at a time.

Kisha’s primary focus is on marketing and advertising and empowering women to live their best life fearlessly and raising funds for non profits worldwide that support women and girls.  Since founding the firm, she has overseen the company’s rapid growth and expansion to the Latin American, European, Middle East, Far East, and Asian markets.  She has also provided advice and counsel to hundreds of companies, global interests, high-profile individuals, regional businesses, and government agencies on routine marketing and advertising to women and business development. Her aggressive, results focused orientation has allowed her to acquire close working relationships with members of the media, decision makers, politicians and celebrities.

You can learn more and connect with Kisha at www.twitter.com/KishaMays, www.blogtalkradio.com/kishamays, and www.justfearless.com.

Tune in to my recent conversation to learn more about Kisha and give yourself a little boost of empowerment as well.

Running Time: ~ 27 minutes

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