Life Alchemy™ Podcast – Rosey Dow The Prospect Profiler™

Rosey Dow, The Prospect Profiler™

Rosey Dow, The Prospect Profiler™

In today’s podcast we get down and dirty with information that all entrepreneurs and small business owners must have.  My guest is Rosey Dow, The Prospect Profiler™.  If you’re still fuzzy on exactly who you are marketing to, Rosey Dow will open to you the specific person who is your best prospect and how to speak their language. A best-selling award-winning author with more than half a million books sold, Rosey is a marketing specialist and she is now known as The Prospect Profiler™. What an FBI profiler does to find an unknown suspect, she does for her clients in nailing down their perfect prospects.

I found our conversation simply fascinating.  Whether you already know who your ideal prospect is or are still uncovering those details, my time with Rosey is guaranteed to help you tap into some specific characteristics of who that ideal client is for you.  While I may have been interviewing Rosey, I was also busy writing my own notes as her words resonated with me.

I invite you to listen and get inspired about the power of taking who you already are and what you’re already good at and turning it into a profitable business and a lifestyle you love.

Then, when you’re done listening, head over to The Prospect Profiler™ to get your own free assessment and then learn more about Rosey’s Prospect Profiler Mastermind starting in November.

Listen or download below… running time is 38 minutes.


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