Right-Size Your Technology: 12 Days of Lessons from a Website Redesign (Day 3)

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Right size technology to your needs
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You just have to use ____________ for your website and online marketing.


You don’t have to use any one specific thing. People who tell you this either have an agenda (trying to sell you something) or are sharing their love of a tool without truly getting to understand your needs.

It can be very easy to add expense and complexity to your website unless you dig deeper and ask:

  • Why should I consider this?
  • How will it help me?
  • Is it right for the size and stage of my business right now?

While I am a firm believer in building with an eye towards growth and expansion, you don’t need a $10,000 tool with complex bells and whistles if your business is straightforward and modest.

Strong foundation now with the ability to expand later without having to start from scratch.

That’s my motto.

In my personal redesign, I discovered that I had far too many pages, links, integrations, and features for what I am actually doing. I had a granularity of data and options that were too complex for what I am trying to accomplish and which I rarely used.

The juice was not worth the squeeze.

It literally put the brakes on the moments I wanted to be nimble and try a new offer or run a new class. This is not the way to break new ground or create income right?

So by simplifying and getting very clear on my requirements while also kicking a number of technologies to the curb, I now have a lean yet well-stocked online pantry from which to cook up some good stuff.

Need help navigating all the technology choices and right-sizing it for you? Stop wearing shoes that don’t fit and make your feet hurt.   Contact me. I can help you right-size it and explain it to you in plain English.




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