Take it One Step at a Time: 12 Days of Lessons from a Website Redesign (Day 8)

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How do you redesign a website? One step at a time.

Thinking about redesigning your website can induce feelings of panic, overwhelm, and despair. Well, at least it did for me and often for my clients!

There are so many moving parts:

  • Behind the scenes technology
  • Sharing your brand to tell the world who you are
  • Writing the copy
  • Integrating it with your marketing plan

It’s a mouthful. And, you are trying to do all this right alongside your usual daily business.

Get Things Done One Step at a TimeYou wouldn’t look at a casserole and try to eat it all in one bite, right? So don’t try to bite off the entire scope of your project at one time.

Remember when I said that I had a list of individual tasks I needed to do that would lead me along the path of my overall strategy? Well, at any given time I only looked at one of those bullet dots and then took action.

When you focus your efforts and deal with what is right in front of you, the overwhelm and madness disappears.

For example, when I am trying to solve a coding problem, the key to the solution (and keeping sanity) is to work only on that one thing. Change one variable at a time, see if it worked, and then repeat. When you change too many things at once a breakdown can occur and you have no idea what went wrong, what to fix, or how to get things back in working order.

Do you need to write copy for your website?

Pick one page and write that.

Do you need to approve a design element?

Review that one element and approve or adjust.

You get the picture. Baby steps. Little bites. Don’t choke on the casserole.

I can help you keep things started and moving forward in a do-able way. I don’t just help you get things started, I help you get them done. Contact me to and let’s talk about how we can partner to make the site you yearn for a reality.

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