Create Leverage: How to Hire a Team

Create Leverage - How to Hire a Team

  • Do you need to free up time and energy for more important tasks?
  • Is your business bursting at the seams with no time, energy, or room to grow?
  • Are things dropping through the cracks because you’re too busy trying to keep up?

Then it is time to stop trying to do it all yourself and hire a team! Even if you have no interest in building a big team or business with employees, there are benefits to getting the proper right-sized help.

A team doesn’t have to look a certain way.  Join me to blow away some of the myths and obstacles that come up whenever the topic of hiring a team comes up while learning how to get started designing and acquiring the help you need.

Join Paula G for this sought after webinar/Q&A

Thursday November 17th at 1pm EASTERN!

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