Sheri Lampkin Mortko

“What I find most helpful about the book? It’s nature’s healing power…portable. When I craved a moment of respite from the challenges of family illness, I kept the book with me in my bag. It allowed me to ground, get centered and really sense Nature’s safe, sacred energy I am always cradled within…even in the most painful of life circumstances. Hope and help in a powerful little package..deep gratitude to you Paula!”

Sheri Lampkin Mortko Live Like You Mean It! Life and Leadership Coaching October 13, 2014

Jennifer Urezzio

“This book is like having a miracle in your pocket.”

Jennifer Urezzio Know Soul’s Language October 13, 2014

Kaeleya Rayne

“Paula’s book came into my hands at a powerful event where many healers had gathered on a mission of connection. For me, this was a time of deep inner requests from Source Spirit. I needed assistance and guidance, a platform to get my bearings. I needed a grounded space to open up into the true expansion beckoning me forward. I have a profound respect for messengers and messages, I recognized this in Paula and in her book the moment that I saw the cover. As I opened the book, I found myself moving to one page. It was a clear message from Spirit and exactly what I had asked for. I used the message immediately, and what came about was the finishing touch on a life altering healing for me that had begun several weeks earlier. I am still, months later, in the space of that healing and in a space of gratitude as it was a necessary shift for me to align to my truest potential, to be of highest service to others. I know that there is a sacred agreement happening here between Paula and not just myself, but all of those whom she touches. Her wisdom and vision for what is possible in this world we live in is not only for the outer world we all share but also for the powerful world existing within. Many blessings to you Paula!”

Kaeleya Rayne founder of Be Your Bliss October 13, 2014

Heather Dominick

I want to take a moment to rave about Paula Gregorowicz’s book, “Open to Your Intuitive Intelligence: Reflections of Nature and Wisdom” … as a person who reads a lot of motivational material I can seriously say that this is book is one of the most beautiful journeys of self-reflection. The photographs in themselves are so awe-inspiring, touching (and some even funny!) as well as thought provoking, but it is really the text that accompanies each photo that takes you on a journey encouraging you to pause, look within and be willing to see what is there. I keep this book right on my desk and any page I open to at anytime has the exact right message I need to inspire me forward. The purchase is worth every penny and more. Thank you, Paula.

Heather Dominick EnergyRich October 13, 2014

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