Annalisa Fox

Annalisa Fox

“When I first contacted you, I needed guidance and inspiration as I looked to build my own business.  I was coming off of some personal challenges and I knew the direction in which I wanted to head but had a difficult time finding where to begin.  In just a short time working together I am more focused and I feel like I’m making a significant contribution to my clients.

Honestly, the dollar amount that I’ve spent doesn’t even come to mind in comparison to the benefits I feel I’m receiving from working with you.  I am rediscovering a part of me that has lain dormant for such a long time.  I feel more authentic in working towards my goals and it’s really enriched my life.

You’re not everyone’s business coach. Others might respond better to the ideas of famous “macho” coaching models that motivate by intimidation and shame. You are certainly not that coach.  You have much more depth to you and a wonder-full, refreshing spiritual outlook on things.  That really resonates with me and has empowered me to feel – and know – I can do this!”

Annalisa Fox Marketing Strategist and Creative Consultant October 14, 2014

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