Cathy Fishman

Cathy Fishman

“The Pricing with Confidence series enabled me to see that I needed to change how I thought about myself and what I had to offer. I was able to get out of the “what I was doing” and expand my vision to what I love to do, what best uses my talents and is of most value to my clients.

To make the transition, I partnered with an individual to handle day to day, time consuming tasks. This freed me up to offer an expended range of services, with more emphasis on budgets, cash flow management and business profitability measures.

I have also found the patience to look for those sabotaging voices – to not automatically assume my price was too high because someone does not call me back, to stop before I was about to lower a price or throw something in for free and ask myself “is the client asking for this or is it all in my head”? !”

Cathy Fishman CMF Small Business Accounting October 14, 2014

How to Prioritize When Everything is a Priority

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