Dana Jacoby

Dana Jacoby

“I’m very passionate about my career and strive to keep a clear head during day-to-day business dealings. When I met Paula I found myself in challenging circumstances that made ‘clear head thinking’ preventative. After Paula and I started talking, I found that that I could better channel my emotion into specific tangible actions and productive goals.

Paula has a unique skill set in that she is able to be passionate about the business world while challenging people to stay in harmony with their thoughts and feelings. Rather than staying in ‘business’ or ‘reactionary’ mode, she was able to help me prioritize my objectives in a positive way that created both emotional depth as well as better balance in my work and personal life.

After working with Paula I have better clarity about the direction of my short and long-term goals. With that clarity I have developed a more consistent, strategic mindset.  Before our discussions I found that many times my decisions were clouded with judgments or emotions. With Paula’s help I was able to focus intently on the objectives behind my goals and create more empowering and freeing outcomes.”

Dana Jacoby Medical Consultant and Business Development Executive October 14, 2014

How to Prioritize When Everything is a Priority

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