Nancy Richards

Nancy Richards

“Paula helps you look beyond what you see at face value. She inspires me to look deeper and see bigger and does it all with a sense of humor and practical, realistic approach.

Our work together helped me take time to stop and remember why I went into business. Now, whenever I have to make a decision I use my personal definition of success as my guiding compass. It helps me make sure that I put my energies in the right place and honor the flexibility and family connection that inspired me to start my business after a long career in healthcare.

With this new way of seeing possibilities and how I operate in my business I’m able to tap into a new expanded model which gives me more ways to serve my ideal customers. I’m able to be more purposeful and intentional about who I serve and how I serve them in a high-quality and more profitable way!”

Nancy Richards Activity Pathways, LLC October 14, 2014

How to Prioritize When Everything is a Priority

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