The L Word Season 5, Episode 7: The Coach’s Perspective

As we roll into the second half of the 5th Season of The L Word the plots and dramatic twists are being woven into a complex web that is bound to have a few surprises, I can just feel it. This week took us behind the scenes of Lez Girls and deep into the paradox of the military code of conduct as Tasha’s prosecutor arrived on the scene.

I never thought I’d say this, but this week I want to talk about Jenny who I’ve decided is showing up The L Word - Jennyin her most authentic fashion (even if it is entirely over the top and bizarre in many ways). While I’ve never been a big Jenny fan, I have to say that of all the characters on the show she has consistently and unapologetically shown up as who she really is at all times. Even when that seems to change radically from day to day or year to year. She’s had more than her share of struggles and odd story lines, but through it all, at any given moment she is who she is, no questions asked.

Whether Jenny is pouting like a spoiled child, sleeping around with the cast like a schoolgirl, or making wild demands of her production company and friends, you gotta hand it to her – she does it 110%. Never for a moment do you doubt her full commitment to herself and what she wants. She is clear on her vision for her book made movie and refuses to waiver for the whims of the powers that be or the popular vote.

You may love her or hate her (I don’t honestly think there is much in between with her), but what can we learn from her? In Jenny I see someone willing to take a risk and do what she wants when she wants. Now, I can’t say she is doing a great job at building working rapport or lasting relationships, so I don’t necessarily recommend her approach if you’re looking for success on your own terms. What I do recommend, though, is looking at your own willingness to stand up for who you are and what you believe in? Are you willing to be YOU no matter what? Even in the face of conflict and other people’s harsh judgments? I mean, really, no character on The L Word has been as harshly judged and thrown through the ringer as Jenny. I am certain I wasn’t the only one hoping she’d get run over at the end of season 2 or drift off to sea never to be heard again at the end of season 4. Yet through it all, if there’s one thing we can count on — it is Jenny showing up in her full, authentic for her glory.

What do you think? Does Jenny consistently show us her true colors? Share your $.02 by posting in the comments.

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  1. I am glad to finally see a post that doesn't want Jenny kicked off the show. All of my friends do not like her and a couple of them are just as selfish and childish as she can be… still looking for life's answers in their 40's and blaming everything on chemical imbalances. At least she keeps going, keeps working, and not assigning blame anywhere. She is authentic! I like her raw-ness, her innocence, and the perceived life of a Hollywood player. Isn't that our idea of the LA persona? Totally into themselves, snobby, they are the world?

    I like Jenny! She is a hoot. Because I don't think Mia Kirshner is like that in real life, I would think to act that way is very hard and conflicting to her real nature.

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