The Life Alchemy™ Podcast – Sheila Sylvestre of Whisper Greetings

This month I am thrilled to interview a colleague of mine who inspires me to no end. While I only met Sheila Sylvestre earlier this year, she has touched me personally on numerous occasions and supported me in my own business with her gift of teaching small business owners how to nourish relationships with their business colleagues and customers.  Let me tell you a little bit about Sheila in her own words…

During a successful 26-year career at a large telecommunications organization Sheila had various management roles in client care, communications and human resources.  Sheila was meeting her financial goals but never felt fulfilled and was not living life on purpose.

An internal wake-up call started around 1999 to do something different.  It started as a whisper or a nudge and then the urgency increased with the same thought, “there has to be more to life than what I’m doing now.”

A perfect storm occurred in 2007 when personal loss and career overload led Sheila to take a “you-turn’ away from the known.

After being shown how short and fragile life is she asked herself “What are you waiting for?”

Shifting from employee, to being unemployed, and ultimately choosing self-employment has been a journey of self-inquiry and personal growth beyond her imagination.

Sheila had been studying Life Purpose for almost 10 years and knew she wanted to go after a childhood dream of owning her own greeting card company.

Whisper Greetings was founded in February 2010.  A custom design greeting card company dedicated to creating genuine, poetic expressions of connection, healing and hope.

So be sure to settle in to listen to our conversation.  It’ll only take you 36 minutes (a perfect length for a nice walk I might add) and it’s guaranteed to touch your heart, inspire you, and open the door to possibilities.

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To learn more and connect with Sheila, you can join the Whisper Greetings community at where you’ll receive a free gift and subscription to the Your Essence Ezine. Sheila can be reached at [email protected] for a complimentary call to discuss how creating a custom greeting card for your business can increase client loyalty or to explore ways to re-connect to your own life purpose.

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