The Life Alchemy™ Podcast with Wendy Yellen, Eidetic Life Coach

I’m thrilled to have my podcast series reignite itself this month after a brief hiatus due to personal circumstances that had me out of the office…  What better way to do this than to interview a colleague of mine who inspires me greatly – Wendy Yellen, President and creator of

Let me tell you just a bit about Wendy’s background. She has, for over 30 years, been helping people all over the world to transform and accelerate their success –– withOUT the struggle! Wendy has advanced and post graduate certifications, including her Master of Social Work in traditional psychotherapy, a fellowship in family therapy, and in less traditional methods like emotional release body work, subtle energy healing and many others. She works with global leaders who want to make an even bigger difference – who she calls Tsunami Makers™, and also with those who want to IGNITE their Tsunami Maker™ cells even more! Almost by definition, Tsunami Makers™ feel an immense amount of stress and pressure in their lives and often say to themselves ‘there just must be an easier way’.

Wendy helps them to eliminate that head-shattering stress and to receive even more – immediately AND DEEPLY! Then, they can lead with their whole heart and their whole soul.

The tool Wendy uses is called Eidetic Imagery, which Joseph Campbell, who coined the term “Follow Your Bliss”, said everyone should know about. And Wendy Yellen is recognized as one of the top 10 “go-to” eidetic practitioners – in the world!

You will love our conversation because it is genuine, real, and has some super gems where Wendy makes some pivotal distinctions that will make you go Aha! and that you will feel deeply. I know I certainly did!

You can take Wendy up on the generous offer she makes during our interview to participate in the Live Eidetic Success Blueprint Tele-classes by signing up here.

Listen in or download below (running time 36 minutes).

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