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Retirement Resource Center: Your Financial Rx

Retirement Resource Center: “Your Financial Rx”

If your business doesn’t have an effective web presence, it is like you don’t exist.   It might sound harsh but it is the reality in today’s marketplace.

The problem is you’re surrounded by hype and need someone to make sense of it all. I can help you do that and take the pain out of your online marketing.

What I can do for you:

  • Make your website an effective marketing and lead generation tool that serves your business 24/7.
  • Integrate your online efforts so you spend less time and have a more cohesive presence on the web.
  • Enhance your “findability” so more of your ideal clients find you online.


Dr. Lisa Van Allen: Coach, Author, Speaker

Dr. Lisa Van Allen: Coach, Author, Speaker

I do this through:

  • Website design and creation, using the WordPress platform so your blog is built right in and you can update the site yourself.
  • Optimizing your site for the search engines (SEO).
  • Integrating your social media and email marketing with your website.
  • Training you (or your team) how to update your site regularly or doing it for you.
  • Implementing and reviewing your analytics so you know what’s working, what’s not, and how to fix it.
  • Ongoing maintenance, updates, and backups to your site so you have peace of mind throughout the year that your site is safe, secure, and can be recovered should any unforseen events in cyberland occur.

Want a techie list of what capabilities I offer? Click here to download.

Need help right away with hands-on attention to your site?

Grab the website booster session and receive an expert review of your existing website and formal strategy session for detailed next action steps for your site on the spot.

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Why Work with Me?

Catherine A. Ponist, CPA

Catherine A. Ponist, CPA

There are a million and one people who call themselves web designers out there from your neighbor’s teen to the flashy big agency in center city. So, why would you want to work with me?

I am a rare breed of person who can seamlessly walk between the worlds of business and techie, integrate them for you in a way that makes sense for your unique business and speak to you in plain English.

I’ve been building websites since 1995 and have been on top of developments in the field ever since. That means I actually understand what goes on “behind the scenes” of the technology, how it affects your website’s effectiveness, and whether the “latest and greatest” makes any bottom line sense for your business. I’ve been responsible for entire Intranets for global companies such as Saint-Gobain CertainTeed and Merck Vaccines, programmed web applications inside of Fortune 100 companies, and built numerous websites for small businesses and creative artists.

When you work with me you can count on me doing what I say and being a true partner in your project. That might sound odd to point out, but countless clients have come to me after being burned by other website shops who take their money and vanish, hold their site hostage, or build something different than what was agreed to. Those types of shenanigans never happen here.

Ready to Dip Your Toe in the Water?

Only you know how long you’ve been thinking about your website…maybe you’ve even been tolerating what you feel about it (mortified, tortured, excruciating, embarrassed… or hopeful, excited, filled with expectation…)

Are you ready to make progress on that today? If so, make the first step an easy one and book a complimentary assessment appointment with me now… 

My commitment to you is that you WILL have a new clarity, perspective, and energy to take action as a result of this one conversation.

If not now, when? If you’re unwilling to let your website creation linger any longer…

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Cindy Diccianni

"My experience from the very beginning was so incredibly positive and streamlined. Paula explained every step, orchestrated the entire process, corresponded in and effective and professional manner and got the job done in record time. What a great experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about their business and their web development needs.

There is no need to shop around, Paula is the best!"

Cindy Diccianni Diccianni Financial Group, Inc. October 14, 2014

View a portfolio of my work.

Get a look at some possibilities for creative inspiration knowing each site is built custom to the client.  Just don’t forget to come back and take that first step toward your own website!


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