What is Your Fun Quotient?

A Friday afternoon seems like the perfect time to ponder this question.  How much fun are you having in your life?  Are you enjoying the ride along life’s path or just trudging along trying to get through it?  If you stop and think about that sentence for a minute, do you know what you’re really saying if you’re just trudging along? You’re saying something more like “I’m just trying to trudge along until I retire or die, whichever comes first”.  How is THAT for uninspiring and unfulfilling?

Another interesting thing I have noticed about Fridays, particularly in Corporate America, is that Friday is like the holy grail of days.  People’s moods lighten, they feel relief, and a sense of hope has been renewed — “we’ve made it to the weekend!”.  It’s as if somehow, the weekend will be a magical elixir temporarily obscuring the fact that they are unhappy 5/7th of their life.

I’ll be the first to admit that I LOVE my weekends.  BUT, a dear friend of mine from high school once asked me while we were in college, “What’s the matter with Tuesday?” It has stuck with me for decades as a very deep and profound question.  What IS the matter with Tueday or any other day for that matter?  We are only guaranteed today, so why not make it a fun and enjoyable one?

Well, from my perspective the problem with Tuesday is that so many people are unhappy, unfulfilled, overwhelmed, or struggling through their life that “today” is just a painful reminder that tomorrow may very well be more of the same.  Depending on how out of touch someone is with their true desires and dreams those thoughts are far from fun.  Or, we’re just so burned out and stressed out trying to keep up that we are not even sure what day it is.

Take this quick fun quiz and ask yourself:

  • When was the last time I did something just for fun?
  • Do I have a regular hobby I pursue that allows me to lose track of time and feel great?
  • How would I feel if I was told to take a whole day just for fun? Am I excited about it or feeling guilty?
  • Do I allow myself to have fun regardless of how many things are on my to-do list?

If you’re not having a regular dose of fun in your life not only are you missing out on some of the best “sweet treats” of life, but diminishing your ability to be creative and effective in all areas of your life.

Today – say the words “Gimme a Break!” and then give yourself one!

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  1. Paula – Thank you for this timely reminder – here it is Friday night and who do I have a hot date with???? My computer! Actually, it is a choice, I love what I'm doing, but I do need to find a way to weave more activity and fun into my lesbian – entrepreneurial life!

    Thank you for your support. Keep it up!

    Barb Elgin
    [email protected]
    443-921-0310/toll free 866-396-BARB http://www.coachsappho.com
    Relationship success coaching for gays and lesbians…

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