Why I’m burning down my website, and what I’m doing next

It’s true… I’m making some big changes here and I want you to come along with me (but only if you want to!).

First off – let me tell you what’s up around here.

As I shared in a short video  this week,

I am firing up the pyrotechnics and burning down my current website and changing email marketing providers as well.

Why I am changing

Well, my child has been growing. So as you might have done with your children (or your mother did with you), you extend a little pant hemline here, take out a seam there, and make things work because you know that next growth spurt is around the corner. Except at a certain point you realize all this patchwork has overcomplicated things and left you with plaid pants that aren’t doing it for you. That is what has happened to my site in the last bit of time.

Another good reason to do this now is because I do this very work with my own clients and it is high time I stopped the “cobbler’s family has no shoes” effect and fixed things.

Why I am excited

I am excited (and to be honest a bit terrified) because what I am doing will radically simplify my online presence and save me money (and a few headaches). I’m also thrilled about how it will significantly change my website visitor’s experience making things clearer, easier, and more useful. Think more white space, more zen.

What’s Next?

You might also see a little herky-jerky communication and blog posting in the next two weeks or so because all this is happening on the fast-track. You can expect to see a new site and newsletter within this month. Call it super-charged, call it crazy, or consider it ripping off the bandaid quickly to get on with things… but things are happening around here.

Curious? Questions?

I always want to add value to you and your business. So, if you have specific questions about this process, let me know! While I can’t answer all your questions real-time (moving all this stuff while serving clients takes time), I will do my best to answer as many questions as I can in upcoming blog posts and newsletters. Stay tuned.

Update 11/2014: Here’s a quick snapshot of my previous website which I am referring to in the above blog post.

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing all the new changes…and following along on your journey!

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