How Shared Hosting Works

Recently I ran into a major problem with a client website. After much angst and several days of the inability to access it I got to the bottom of the problem. Of course the root cause is what I suspected from the beginning but of course both the hosting company and my ISP made me walk through days of technical support hell first. After all a non-IT person reading from a script is smarter than someone with over 20 years of IT troubleshooting experience. But alas, that is a different post [rant].

The root cause of the problem was the shared hosting and the hosts inability to own up to the problem. Another website on the shared server was a malicious phishing site and my ISP blocked that server in their DNS and thus, no access.

How Shared Website Hosting Works

So what does this mean to you as the business owner?

Let me explain how this all works in non-technical terms.

When you buy shared hosting, your site gets thrown on a server that is jammed full with as many sites as the host can possibly put on it. That is how they get the hosting cost super-low.

Shared hosting is like the community pool on a hot summer day. As many people as humanly possible jam into the pool and you likely have no idea who these people are or what they are up to. [Read more…]

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