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Are You Tired Of

Putting out fires all day and being pulled in all directions while never having time or energy for working on strategic tasks and creative projects?

Managing a patchwork of processes and systems that do not work well together or fit how you like to work?

Having a website that feels like a big headache because it is out of date, hard to use, and does not generate quality leads?

Your Business Stress Solved in 3 Simple Steps


Share your frustrations and dreams in this personal and confidential call. I get to know you; you get to know me. You will walk away from this meeting finally feeling heard, with newfound clarity and clear next steps.


Following our meeting I will create a plan uniquely designed to your needs and budget. We will review this plan together and co-create the best path forward to ensure the right fit. You can trust that the solutions to your current challenges are possible and will be aligned with your values.


Then we get to work. Depending on the plan we agree to I will do one or more of the following:  

  • Empower, advise, coach, and hold you accountable to do it
  • Do it with you – or –
  • Do it for you (and take it right off your plate)

GUARANTEE: Every plan comes with my No-BS Guarantee.
I don’t do smoke and mirrors, one-size-cookie-cutter solutions, or half-assed work.

The 3 main reasons people start a business are:

More freedom

Greater financial rewards

Have an impact

Unfortunately, the main narrative of self-employment and business ownership is the “always-on”, “hustle” “martyrdom” message that leads to less freedom, always scrambling to generate more revenue, and a big toll on your well-being.

BUT there is another way.  It is possible to grow your business in a more relaxed and expansive way. One that includes.

Freeing up your time and energy so you can enjoy the life you are working so hard for

Using processes and systems that work together and make your day-to-day easier

Having a no-hassle website that generates quality leads

If this sounds appealing –

About Your Guide Paula G

As a business owner myself I understand how easy it is to find yourself on a hamster wheel of trying to keep up with all the things.  In 14 years of self-employment, I have helped hundreds of business owners just like you cultivate the courage, confidence, and support to operate and grow in a relaxed, expansive way.

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