AEP 010 – Planning for 2016

Small Business Planning for 2016Will 2016 be all that you hope it will be for you and your business?

The only way to create what you want is to do it.  Without a plan, life intervenes.  In this episode I will walk you through step by step the exact process I use to plan for the coming year.

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What is the Meaning Behind Your Goals?

What is the meaning behind your goals?

Everyone talks about goals like they are the be-all end-all destination for success.  While it is true that getting clear on your goals makes you exponentially more likely to achieve them, true clarity has more to do with meaning than being “SMART”.

For example, most business owners have some sort of yearly and monthly financial goals. After all, without a financial goal you won’t be in business for long!  Yet the mistake I see so many entrepreneurs make is that they stop there. They stop with “I want to make $8,333 per month or $100,000 this year.”  End of story.

That’s a nice goal, but it is fairly hollow without further inspection. There are lots of people who have that goal, many whom will never even get close to reaching it.

The inspection and introspection I am inviting you to do with each and every goal you have (financial or otherwise) is to run it through two very important lenses.

1)     What does this goal mean to me?  What makes it meaningful?  What will you have when you achieve the goal that you do not have now (and I don’t just mean more moMeaningful Goalsney!)?  Why does this matter to you in the bigger context of your life?

This lens is important because if your goals aren’t anchored in the bigger picture, your deeper “why”, then it is just some target thrown out there at random to keep you working hard, avoiding the deeper issue, or feeling bad about yourself.  As one of my clients says it’s like “we’re making really great time but we don’t know where we’re going or why we’re going there!”  Exactly!  If you are going to orient your life energy to move toward something, be certain it is a meaningful direction. [Read more…]

Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Plate

Don't Compare Yourself to OthersThis is just plain good advice.  While the inspiration for this article came from a piece I read about athletic training, the principles behind it are relevant for anyone who wants to have peak performance in their business and life in general.   That means you!

Do you find that you spend a lot of time watching, thinking about, or worrying about what someone else is doing?  Such as:

  • Scoping out the “competition”?
  • Watching your colleagues and big name mentors’ every move?
  • Reading yet another how-to, self-help, or advice laden book hoping to find the answers?

If so, it’s time you dropped all that.  Nix the misperception that somehow someone else has all the answers for you.  Stop the distractions that keep you focused on everything and everyone else but yourself and what is right in front of you.

They don’t.  In fact they too may be lurking and trying to avoid facing their own fears and sense of inadequacy by eating off of someone else’s plate as well.

So why does this matter?

What someone else is doing or not doing has no relevance to your life or your goals.

You are unique. Your definition of success is unique. You can’t get there by copying someone else. You can only get there by being authentic and following your own intuitive guidance system.

This doesn’t mean that someone else can’t support you. I do that for my clients all the time. I have people on my own team that do that for me.  The key difference is that I believe in being a catalyst for others, not a savior.  I expect those that support me to bring out the best in me, collaborate with me, not do it for me. [Read more…]

How to Prioritize When Everything is a Priority

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