Do You Find Yourself Working More But Earning Less? 3 Reasons You Fall into this Trap and How to Break Free

Why You Are Not Getting Paid What You're Worth

Have you ever found yourself working extra but not getting paid for it?

I don’t mean over delivering by adding extra value and delighting your clients. I’m ALL for that.  In fact I highly recommend frequently delighting your clients!

What I’m talking about is the dreaded… (Cue the spooky music)

Scope Creep…

Or the

Over-needy client who wants “just one more little thing”.

Ever happen to you?

If you’re in business – of course it has!  Scope creep can be a natural byproduct of many different kinds of projects (think: design, tech projects, and construction just to name a few).  Wanting “one more thing” can be a sign of someone who is thinking through their requirements as they go.

Neither of these things is inherently bad.  It’s what you do with them that set you up for success or a spiral of resentment, misery, and lack of cash.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you may find yourself working like a dog but earning less and less and what to do about it.

Wanting to Be “Nice”

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Where Your Head Goes is Where Your Business Goes

In the short span of a week, I had two reminders of the powerful dynamic of paying attention to where your head goes and eyes look. Your head and eyes determine where you will go, how well aligned you’ll be, and whether you’ll fall flat on your face (or not).

That can be a pretty important insight for your business, right?

The first time I was reminded of this I was in yoga class. As we were in a flowing sequence the invitation to look forward and out (vs down) even while lowering to the floor was an interesting one. After all, usually I look where I want to go and if the floor is where I want to go, that would be looking downward. And yet – if you cast your neck and gaze ever so slightly out and forward you not only get where you want to go, you do it oh so much more gracefully and aligned. I might also add with less effort (of the crunched up kind) as well.

As we humans are apt to do I left class and promptly forgot all about it until I went to my physical therapy appointment.

While deconstructing my squats and lunges with a fine tooth comb, the PT assistant suggested I keep my shoulders back and head looking up and out a bit more. Sound familiar? I did what he said and once again it made all the difference – stronger, more aligned, less struggle.

Look where you want to go

This got me thinking once again about how these simple principles can be applied both practically and metaphorically every day in our businesses for better results.

Here are a few suggestions I know work. Try them on for size.

Stand Taller

Physical posture matters even if you’re working from home and in hermit mode. Standing (or sitting) taller and looking out and slightly up will transform your confidence and boost your mindset.   You don’t have to be stiff, forced, or fake about it. Just be proudly you and own the fact that you have knowledge and expertise worth sharing. (Side benefit – it’ll help your physical well being too.) [Read more…]

Navigating Obstacles [Business Flow Video]

What happens when you hit obstacles?

On the river, sometimes you have to portage because a dam or other obstacle which you cannot pass safely via the water stands in your way. In business we hit all kinds of obstacles. So how do you navigate them?

You need

  • Clear guidance from someone who can help.
  • A supportive team member who can help you.
  • Resilience so you can quickly recover from unexpected challenges and get flowing again.

Watch on to learn more…

Get in the conversation – and comment below… let me know what you do when you hit obstacles?

Break Free of Obsessive Thoughts [Business Flow Video]

Have you ever found your mind going in circles and grinding over and over on something that concerns or troubles you?

Maybe it’s business finances, being able to pay your mortgage, a medical challenge, a sick loved one…

Whatever the topic, your mind just obsessively chews on what is bothering you.

Not productive… but how do you get out of this stress? If someone tells you to just relax or don’t think about it, you want to hit them… because it’s not that simple! So what should you do?

Shift your attention…focus on something else. This video will tell you more about how you can do that and get out of the mind-suck and back into the flow.


Tell me how this video helps you by commenting below!

Are You Being Effective Or Just Staying Busy?

Are you staying busy or being effective?It can be very easy to become overly-busy when you own your own business. After all there are a myriad of things to do and then more!

When you decide how you are going to invest your time and energy each week, are you asking yourself the right questions?

Or, are you just being crazy-busy?

I was working with a client the other day and as we were going through her new way of scheduling her week based on an in-person intensive we had together she said “It all looks good on paper, but then it just seems like there’s not enough time!”

Can you relate to that? I know I can.

As I delved deeper with her, we discovered the root of the problem was not how much time was available, but rather what choices she could make about how she spends her time.  When I asked her, “Are you working on x, y, z (from her strategic plan) or are you just busy doing stuff?”  The gaping silence answered that question.

I know personally there are some days where I am more effective in one hour than I was the whole previous day. Why? It has to do with choices about:

  • The actions I take
  • The thoughts I think

A magic elixir of what I do and how I do it.  Presence matters in business. We hear that all the time from leadership experts.  It is true, even if it is just you in your office alone on a given day.

So, how do you know if you’re being effective?  The proof is in measured results. [Read more…]

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