13 Things To Do When You Resilience is Low (And 1 Thing You Should NEVER Do)

You know those days when it feels like nothing is going right, you feel down, depleted, and your resilience is flat out low to nonexistent? Yeah, they happen to me too. They are inevitable.

Yet as a small business owner, what are you to do? After all, if you’re self-employed and not able to focus on your work, not much happens. Even as you attempt to focus or get stuff done in spite of it all, you are met with a foggy brain, lack of focus, low energy, and even less results. This can leave you feeling even further behind and fuel those raw, vulnerable feelings.

Whether your resilience is low because you have a cold, didn’t sleep well, are navigating personal issues, or any number of life’s challenges you can still make wise choices around what to do and where to invest your energy.

13 Things To Do When You Resilience is Low

Here are 13 tried and true things you can do.

  1. Take a nap. Being well rested instantly boosts your resilience.
  2. Do smaller, easier tasks. Those things you’ve been putting off because higher priorities called? Now is a good time to knock them off the list. It’s also a good time to do low-effort, but necessary chores (like laundry) that will free you up for later.
  3. Change your environment. Work from somewhere other than your usual desk. Try a coffee shop, the kitchen, the deck, and the couch. Anywhere that feels different.
  4. Drink more water. Being fully hydrated helps a multitude of feelings.
  5. Eat something nourishing. When you’re over hungry, it’s impossible to feel solid and work well.
  6. Get outside. The more frustrated, overwhelmed, or badly you feel, the smaller your world feels. It can feel like the walls are closing in (even if it is only in your head). Go outside and be somewhere expansive (top of mountain, big field, ocean, etc.) and feel the chains loosening.
  7. Take a walk and move your body. Emphasize the less-intense gentle mode when you are not feeling well. Now is not the time for intense workouts (unless your body calls for a big release of pent up energy, then go at it).
  8. Hug a pet. Nothing feels better than being with our furry friends.
  9. Talk to a friend (and give them a hug too). Feeling cared for does wonders for your spirit even in the hardest of times.
  10. Read a book. Escape into something non-work related.
  11. Watch a movie. Laugh a bit, escape into another world, and leave your troubles behind.
  12. Sit in silence. Meditation is one of my favorite ways to feel more grounded and just be. If prayer or another contemplative practice fuels you, do that.
  13. Do something for someone else. It might feel counter intuitive to expend energy elsewhere when you are feeling depleted, but adding value to someone else’s life helps you feel more connected and restored. Think small and unexpected.

Now for all the over-achieving, driven business owners out there, listen up to this next point!

The 1 thing you should never, ever do when your resiliency and reserves are super-low is critical.

Do NOT attempt to just push through what you’re feeling or make big decisions.

[clickToTweet tweet="Never try to 'just work harder' or make a big decision when your resilience is low. #productivity" quote="Never try to 'just work harder' or make a big decision when your resilience is low."]

Nothing good ever comes from this. You aren’t clear-headed enough to make wise decisions and “just working harder” doesn’t work.

Do yourself a favor, skip the regret proactively, and give yourself a bit of time and space to rebuild your resilience before you make a big move.

What are some of your favorite things to do when you need to regain your energy and resilience? Share below in the comments…

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