3 Signs Your Business Needs a Health Checkup (And They Are Not What You Think!)

3 Signs Your Business Needs a Tune UpWhen was the last time you sat down for 60 minutes or less and gave your business health the checkup it deserves? If you’re like most growing small business owners, the answer is…. “It’s so long I can’t remember. Maybe, never?”

That’s because you’re so busy growing the business and juggling life, right?

It totally makes sense. Yet, regular checkups are the absolutely best thing you can do to ensure growth happens (continues) and that you actually thrive in the process. The images of entrepreneurs slogging away and dedicating life and limb to the business to “do whatever it takes” are a disservice to every small business owner. When I read these articles I cringe…because our businesses are meant to serve (and that includes serving us and our households!)

First, let’s be clear… when I talk about a business health checkup, this is not about a business that is dying on the vine. That’s more appropriate for a business triage or ER situation. That would be defined more as a business turnaround. What I’m talking about is taking something that is budding, growing, or even stagnating a bit and making it (and you) thrive. This is about thriving, not surviving.

Juggling Your Business
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Much like with our physical health, the best time for a checkup is when there is nothing drastically wrong. You’re humming along. You might have a few complaints. You have some areas you’d like to experience more wellness, but overall, you’re doing ok. It is from this space that the most fruitful change can happen because you are not in crisis!

3 signs that now is the best time for you to do a business checkup and tune-up.

Your Business Has Grown “Just Enough”

Your hard work is paying off. You’re starting to grow. In fact you’ve grown “just enough” to make things different than they were before. You are serving more clients, making more money, and entertaining new, exciting opportunities. This is all good news, right? It is! And, you have grown just enough to need to start to do some things differently. You may or may not be sure what those things are… but you know that in order to continue to grow, you need to make a few changes in order to make the growth sustainable while taking time to have a life! 

You are Ready to Take Your Business to that Next Level

You have been in business and it’s time to take things up a notch. This happens at each next natural point of evolution for every business. You might be at the point where you’ve been in business for a little while and are ready to get out of “starting up” mode and take things more seriously. Or, you might be a seasoned business owner breaking through another major growth point (like six figures, multiple six figures, adding a team, etc.) Either way there is a point at which a moment to stop and assess the holistic health of all the aspects of your business is necessary. You can’t make the leap without a clear focus of what is most important. Leaping to the next level is not possible without assessing the holistic health of all aspects of your business.

You are Starting to Drop a Few Balls

As a small business owner you have a lot of balls in the air. Family, home life, hobbies, children add even more balls to your juggle-fest. You’re noticing that you’re starting to drop a few balls. Not the most critical ones. Nothing is crashing all around you. Most of the balls you drop bounce (sometimes at a cost to time, money, or confidence, but nothing fatal…), but you know you can’t keep juggling at this pace. You might be feeling like you are dedicating so much time and effort to your business but you’re still not contributing financially to the household in the way you really want to. You still don’t have any time for yourself. It can feel like you’re going in circles. You might even feel some dread or sick to your stomach when you even think about taking stock of what’s what in the health of your business. Wouldn’t it just be easier to keep the balls in the air the best you can and push forward? In a word….no.

How to Do a Business Health Checkup

You might be wondering…what does a business health checkup entail? How do I do it?

It is simply a method for taking stock of the health of your business in a holistic way. That means it looks at all areas of your business from finances to marketing to happiness/personal life. This is because everything is connected. The purpose of doing this is to identify exactly what you most need to focus your attention on right now in order to get what you want.

Much like you wouldn’t do your own health checkup (you’d see a doctor or holistic practitioner), to do an effective business health checkup, you need a guide. That is why I created a short business health checkup that anyone can do in an hour or less. It walks you through the 6 key indicators of business health. It’s the single most cost-effective and inexpensive way to catapult yourself to sustainable business growth that gives you the lifestyle you want.

How it works is you walk through your own business health assessment with easy to answer questions (no essay tests here – just yes/no, 1-10 rankings…) and then you get a 30 minute consultation session with me to review and diagnose exactly what you next most important focused action needs to be.

Simple. Powerful. Effective. You have my “No-BS” promise on that.

Want to walk through the Business Health Checklist Live?  Join me March 10th at 1pm Eastern for a rare (and free) live video on how to do this self-assessment combined with Q&A. You WILL get your questions answered. Click here to join in.


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