5 Top Lessons from the First 5 Years in Business

Lessons from First 5 Years in BusinessThis week I officially celebrate 5 years of being full-time in my business.  Or as I like to say, “My name is Paula and it’s been 5 years since my last paycheck.”

The entrepreneurial journey is the fastest path to self-growth you could ever want.  That’s what I have learned. You can either take the long, slow road and try to do it all yourself, or get support along the way. I vote for support. One of the things I am most excited about when I work with clients is to literally save them months or years of struggle, time, and money by shortening the learning curve.

So in the spirit of giving, reflecting, and celebrating, I offer you the top 5 things I’ve learned over these last 5 years.

Be Yourself & Create What You WANT to Create

It can be easy to fall prey to the well-meaning advice of others.  You have to do this. You can’t do that. You need to be a certain way.  That simply is not so.

From the get-go, get clear on what you want to create and why you want to create it.  What is the deeper reason you chose this path?  What type of lifestyle do you want to live? What do you want your days to look and feel like?  These are all very important questions. Yes they will evolve over time, but you need to start with a navigational compass.  Know what you REALLY want (not what others say you should want) and then get about the business of creating THAT in a way that is authentic to you.

Life will happen along the way, so don’t wait for the “ideal moment” or “someday” to do something.  I learned that powerful lesson through personal loss in the third year of business.

You are in charge of this operation. Be yourself because your own uniqueness holds the key. Trying to be anything else is a waste of your precious life’s energy.

Open to Receive Support

You aren’t meant to do this self-employment thing solo.  Open to receive support and connect with real, live people in various ways.  If I could overcome my stubborn nature (and stereotypical Polish stubbornness) to receive high-level and deeply personal support and release my old control freak, perfectionist ways to delegate work to others on my team. So – Can – You.   You can’t do it all alone, and the sooner you are willing to open and receive, the faster your business (and you) will grow.

Be Willing

Nothing new, exciting, or worth having lies within your comfort zone.  You need to be willing to get uncomfortable, be visible, and embrace vulnerability.  Stepping out on your own stirs up every issue you ever had about being seen.  It’ll shake you to the core and invite you to step up into being the fullest and best version of YOU that is possible.  Now, before you run for the hills, it doesn’t have to be scared stiff scary; it can be exciting if you allow it to be. Suffering is optional. Rejoice in the journey and learn to be comfortable with the growing pains, unexpected twists and turns, and uncertainty of being self-employed.

Stay the Course (Which Sometimes Means Letting Go)

Does the deeper WHY behind what you’re creating has to inspire you?  A successful business is about perseverance and persistence.  Anyone who tells you that it is quick or that you suddenly “arrive” where you don’t have to work at it is lying.  I have worked with highly successful multiple six and seven figure mentors and you know what? They are still working their business.  You simply have higher quality challenges as you reach that next level of evolution.  Much like an athlete trains consistently with an unfailing commitment; this is what you need to do in your business.  Sometimes you need to charge ahead, sometimes you need to rest or incubate. Occasionally you need to let go. Sometimes you need to let go of the very things you think you couldn’t possibly let go of. But you do. (Did I mention the value of support here?)

Keep walking the path each day.  Moment by moment you create your experience living right here, right now, even as you build the future.

Business Fundamentals Matter

here are foundational elements to running a business that you must understand.  Regardless of any new, sexy, bright, shiny object that comes along (social media comes to mind) the fundamentals are the same. Ignore them at your own peril.  You are a business owner. Repeat after me…. “I am a business owner.”  Whether you’re an artist or an accountant, you are in sales and running a business.  Be a master at your craft and delivering your service and also know that a business, like a garden needs to be tended. Learn about and continuously improve both the inner and practical game of running a business for maximum success.

So there you have it.  The learning and continuous improvement never stops.  Find the right rhythm and balance for you and you will find that building a successful business and having a wonderful life is absolutely possible.

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