53 Ways to Vitalize Your Business During a Summer Lull

Summertime…and the living is eeeeeeaaasy…

Or so the Broadway tune goes. For many service based businesses summer can be a slow time.   If that is true for your business, now is the time to take full-advantage of the lull and breathing space to improve your business in ways often overlooked.

Taking the time to do the things that matter is what sets the successful apart from the struggling.

53-Ways-to-Vitalize-Your-Business During a Summer Lull

Consider choosing a few items from the list below to elevate your business success.

Choose 1-3 maximum (except for #53, do that EVERY day). If you complete them, great; come back to the list and choose again. The goal is systematic growth, not overwhelm or fabricated to-do’s.

  1. Create checklists for frequently performed tasks
  2. Purge old electronic files
  3. De-clutter your office
  4. Update/create your business recovery/emergency plans
  5. Write a bunch of blog posts to schedule for fall
  6. Review and revisit your business plan
  7. Evaluate your business’ performance for the first half of the year
  8. Create a new product/class
  9. Launch a podcast
  10. Upgrade your social media branding
  11. Review and update your twitter profile
  12. Review and update your Facebook profile
  13. Review and update your LinkedIn profile
  14. Review and update your Instagram profile
  15. Review and update your Google + profile
  16. Review and update your YouTube profile
  17. Review and update your Pinterest profile
  18. Schedule strategic social media updates for the coming months
  19. Create a new signature tak
  20. Apply for speaking engagements[clickToTweet tweet=”Use summer lulls to vitalize your #smallbiz Here’s 53 ways to do that.” quote=”Use summer lulls to vitalize your business.”]
  21. Create/update your speaker one sheet
  22. Pre-write upcoming newsletters
  23. Assess your sales effectiveness
  24. Create/refine your system for handling paper that comes into your office
  25. Clean out your email inbox and folders
  26. Create/refine a system for streamlining your email
  27. Review and update your client agreements and engagement letters
  28. Update your personal legal docs (will, power of attorneys, etc.) as they affect your business should you get disabled or die.
  29. Organize and file financial records (now is a good time to avoid next year’s tax time panic)
  30. Assess where you can do more delegating in your business
  31. Hire some additional help
  32. Revise your marketing plan for the rest of the year
  33. Take more time off to rest and renew
  34. Update your prospect and contact management systems (whether CRM or a spreadsheet) and plan follow up
  35. Shoot videos for ongoing marketing
  36. Start writing a book
  37. Refresh your website look & feel, copy, functionality, and security
  38. Wrangle your calendar and schedule and create more space for the things that matter
  39. Take a class
  40. Meet friends and colleagues for coffee/lunch/walk/drinks
  41. Read a good book
  42. Listen to inspiring podcasts and interviews
  43. Delete old, unused applications and photos from your mobile devices
  44. Review your finances and profit measures
  45. Ponder and assess your overall happiness and satisfaction with your business and life
  46. Attend an interesting event
  47. Review your current contracts and investments insurance, recurring subscriptions, etc.). Cut what is no longer needed, reduce costs where appropriate.
  48. Conduct an audit (or hire someone to do for you) of your website and online marketing
  49. Dream and envision what you really want from the next year (or few)
  50. Schedule those annual mid-year review meetings with your financial advisor, accountant, etc.
  51. Schedule often neglected personal wellness appointments (doctor, dentist, massage, energy work, eye exams, etc.)
  52. Assess the overall health of your business and its key indicators. Improve something in one area.
  53. ENJOY the moment. Time is fleeting, savor the day, the summer, and the rhythms of the season.

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