Action is Accomplishment

Do you sometimes feel like you are taking action but nothing is happening?

I know that feeling too, you are not alone! But here’s a little secret…

I was working with a client who was concerned that she was not yet seeing a tangible, quantitative outcome.

I asked her what actions she has been taking.  Quickly, she rattled of at least 6-12 actions she has taken in the last few days alone.

Action is outcome. 

I said that is the outcome! It is quantitative and qualitative. So where is the gap?

Yes I know action itself is not going to pay your mortgage (you need those kind of results too!)… but on most days action is accomplishment in and of itself.

Results matter and yet in a results only environment you can quickly get frustrated because you are not the general manager of the universe and cannot control the outcome.  Influence it? 110%.  Control it?  Ha! Illusionary at best.

Your most powerful tool in showing up for your business day in and day out year after year is your ability to take consistent action.  You must show up and do things. Ideally the right things that lead to what you want. 

A plan is good and working the plan is even better.  If in doubt or if the plan has gotten turned on its head… take some action.  Action is the antidote to fear, inertia, and stagnation.

Most people have a to-do list endless and unrealistically long for any given day or week. With that you feel defeated before you even start.  Focus your attention on the top few actions each day and be done with it.


You get to finish your to-do list for the day and get rid of the lingering, chronic feeling of not doing enough. And…select actions taken with intention and purpose will give you the momentum you need over time.

Use the outcomes and insights you uncover from the actions you take to inform your next steps.  Like breadcrumbs along the trail, you follow the clues they leave.  This is how you refine your plans and actions over time. Streamline and automate some of the steps and you supercharge your efforts.

So if you are feeling a bit like – when will I see results?

That’s a good time for us to connect. I consistently help people see results faster and with less effort and angst.  You can  Schedule a discovery session here.  No strings attached.

Meanwhile… get into the flow of action!


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